SECRET BENEFITS REVIEW:Is This Sugar Daddy Website Legit?

By Olivia Sanchez posted April 23, 2022

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What Is Secret Benefits?, also known as Secret Benefits, is an online sugar daddy website built to connect rich single men and young attractive women who are looking to engage in the sugar dating lifestyle. Since 2007, millions of people have used Secret Benefits to find adventure and companionship, creating unique relationships that are mutually fulfilling. With Secret Benefits, it's easier than ever to connect with successful sugar daddies and gorgeous sugar babies. Secret Benefits is a totally straight forward sugar daddy website, so there aren’t a ton of fancy, unnecessary features bogging it down, it saves time over other sugar daddy websites. Whether you want casual dating or serious relationship, Secret Benefits will always be your first choice. 

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Don't have an account? The registration process is 100% free and fast, it just takes few minutes to create an account on Secret Benefits. First, you have to enter your email, username, and password. Then, you will enter your location along with your date of birth, and will need to upload at least six photos with no nudity, filters, or text. After uploading your photos, make sure add some text describing what you want from a Sugar Daddy or Sugar Baby, a short bio to introduce yourself. Secret Benefits has a super fast and easy verification system that dating pool can use, which gives you the best partner picking experience. Click to Create A Secret Benefits Account

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Already a member on Secret Benefits?  Log in to your account and browse millions of generous sugar daddies or attractive sugar babies near you. Log in to Secret Benefits here 

Is Secret Benefits legit?

Yes, it absolutely is! Secret Benefits is both reputable and popular. Over past years, Secret Benefits has been strengthening its own security to protect its users and they has held a prestigious position. All of their sugar daddies and sugar babies have to go through a photo or video verification process. On top of that, the Secret Benefits payment page is strictly protected and all the data is encrypted with SSL, which means Secret Benefits is the safest sugar daddy website that you can trust.

Secret Benefits Paid Services

There are no monthly fees at all of Secret Benefits, It's 100% free to create an account, use search filters, and browse profiles. However, unlike most other sugar daddy sites, the paid service of Secret Benefits is completely worth your time and the price is very budget-friendly, especially for communication features, and especially for sugar daddies. You only need to pay ten credits for each time you use a premium feature. 



Member Services

  • per credit
  • 1,000 CREDITS
  • $289


Member Services

  • per credit
  • 500 CREDITS
  • $169


Member Services

  • per credit
  • 100 CREDITS
  • $59

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